Are You The Only One?

Everybody has some habits that might be intriguing and even weird. No famous authors are exceptions. put together 20 of them in their infographic. Find out who was a fan of rotten apples and whose way of better writing is hanging upside down.


As Long As It Takes

Dreams don’t come true through magic or by accident. Dreams come true because you believe in them and are willing to work on making them happen. You can do anything in life as long as you believe and don’t give up. A self-fulfilling prophecy, so to speak. They come true through sheer power of will.... Continue Reading →

My Dream….My Dream…

Do you ever see someone and you notice how they’re slowly fading away? Receding into the distance, like a ship out at sea… Maybe you meet plenty such people on your way to and from work, or in the supermarket. The way they walk, as if it is a struggle to put one foot in... Continue Reading →

Humble till Heck….

“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.” ― Serbian Proverb Proud, but never satisfied. One of those phrases that sound so smart. One of those phrases that get thrown around so much that they have become cliche. It is easy to dismiss such a phrase as... Continue Reading →

The Horizon

Where are you headed? What are you believing God for? What does God have on your horizon? When your eyes are on the ground as you walk, you can only see the next step and it can seem like you are not going anywhere at all. Look up from your feet. See farther down the... Continue Reading →

Dare To Fail

They say luck is something that happens to other people. They also say that you’re not a failure until you blame someone else. Or something else. I have never considered myself to be particularly talented. I struggle a lot. I have a lot of trouble writing, and it’s one thing I have been doing for... Continue Reading →

I Matter

There are 20,975,942 blogs hosted on Several million others are self-hosted blogs or use other platforms. 392 million blog accounts on Tumblr. There are 48.5 million books on, 3.4 of which available as Kindle ebooks. About fifty million YouTube channels, half a billion daily active users on Instagram, and almost everyone with Internet... Continue Reading →

I Messed Up, Now What?

The general consensus I get from teens is that they feel like they’re constantly being judged. This happens mostly from their peers, but many feel judged by the adults in their lives too – teachers, parents, youth leaders. However, there’s a fine line between judgement and expectations. Something we need to highlight to teens. As... Continue Reading →

An Ultimate Harry Potter Post

Hi everyone! So you guys know that I have announce 'The Ultimate Harry Potter Throwback' contest. If you wanna take part in it as well, then go visit my last post. To encourage you all, I have answered all of them. 1. Favourite book? I’d have to say the fourth one, Harry Potter and the... Continue Reading →

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