An Ultimate Harry Potter Post

Hi everyone! So you guys know that I have announced 'The Ultimate Harry Potter Throwback' contest. If you wanna take part in it as well, then go visit my last post. To encourage you all, I have answered all of them. 1. Favourite book? I’d have to say the fourth one, Harry Potter and the... Continue Reading →


They Let Me Out

Hi there! So, I've been inactive for months but now I'm back and I'm back with a bang. Here's my newest poem... THEY LET ME OUT! Fools! they let me out, they let me go, I’m on the loose once again, They believed me when I said I’m sorry, I’ve learned my lesson. My time... Continue Reading →

Have Patience….

“We are not defined by our trials, but by how we face them. We are all afraid; bravery is a choice, that though you may lose, you shall never be defeated.” – Jill Anzinger In the face of adversity, how we react is what really defines us. Our actions are one of the few things... Continue Reading →


I had always thought there were only a few things in the world more humiliating than, your teacher berating you in front of the entire class and complaining to your parents in a parent-teacher meet. And today I had a proof too, to it. They turned and threw me volleys I had no intention to... Continue Reading →


She’s been hurt before. Not in a conventional way, That one would believe. Neither a heartbreak, Nor an untimely death. Neither a fallout, Nor something you would think about. Her thoughts haunt her, Day in, And day out. What goes on behind those eyes, No one knows what it’s about. She never let anyone in,... Continue Reading →

Get Up…..And Run!

“Don’t let life discourage you; everyone who got where they are had to begin where they were.” — Richard L. Evans There comes a time when a certain number of obstacles get in the way of you getting what you want. Setbacks. Failures. Dissapointments. What you thought would happen, didn’t. Your expectations turned out to... Continue Reading →


“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” – William Shakespeare Odds are that you set your expectations too high. Why is this important? Why is this even in this book? Because your expectations are going to work against you. And you are going to want to give up. When you write a post and no... Continue Reading →

3 Ways How Not To Give Up

I often say that perseverance matters a lot. Because it all takes hard work and discipline. Being resilient means facing adversity. Also, nothing works the first few times. You’ve got to understand that greatness is achieved, not offered. It is earned.This is why you should never give up. As long as you keep fighting, anything... Continue Reading →

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