Oh, So You Wanna Know Me!!


Name: Utpal Kumar Choudhary

Well, yes its a long name and that is exactly why I made it ‘UKC’.

Age: No, you’ll make fun of me.

Hobbies: Breathing, Eating, Sleeping and now my favourite, Existing without purpose.

Enemies: My glasses, my Ego and…….. I am unable to recall the third one.

Friends: Yes, I have a great friend who stays with me in every situation but only during the day,…………….well, you must have guessed it, if not then-same pinch as I am stupid as well. So, my friend is called ‘my shadow’.

Life Mantra: Do whatever you want to do coz people are stupid and will anyway judge you.

What people think of me: “RUDE, yes, you are rude”

So, sometimes people are stupid and I just feel an urge to tell them that. Hope that you are not one them.


Now, it seems that you have a lot of free time so have a look at my ‘SUPPORT‘ page as well.

Love me or Hate me.Just judge me.