I had always thought there were only a few things in the world more humiliating than,
your teacher berating you in front of the entire class and complaining to your parents in a parent-teacher meet.
And today I had a proof too, to it.

They turned and threw me volleys I had no intention to encounter.

I couldn’t take it any more.
I turned around and charged at them.
I raised my hand and only stopped a few inches from one of them’s face.
The other teacher swung at me and I blocked her elbow.
They started muttering and stammering.
I shouted at them to shut up once and for all.
I told them that this was the last time they would say anything abusive out of anger.

For I won’t tolerate their bullshit any more and if they’ll continue this behaviour I will walk away and will never return(something I always want).
I didn’t do any of the above.
But standing there with my eyes grazing their feet and my ears blocked with ear buds to prevent them from listening.
It happened in my head.
Once I felt much like a superhero covering the stage with his drama.

And yes
I didn’t had any respect for them but I could not muster up enough courage to do so in front of my parents.

All I could do was to,
stare at my feet.
My old and torn out shoes seemed more tempting than those faces decked up with makeup giving them an evil look rather.

The featured image is the result of my boredom.

Do you relate to any of these? Do tell me in the comments section below.



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