She’s been hurt before.

Not in a conventional way,

That one would believe.

Neither a heartbreak,

Nor an untimely death.

Neither a fallout,

Nor something you would think about.

Her thoughts haunt her,

Day in,

And day out.

What goes on behind those eyes,

No one knows what it’s about.

She never let anyone in,

To let them know the real her.

When she saw anyone come close,

She would demur.

No one knew why she was like that.

No one knew who she was before.

No one knows how it came to this.

The real reason?

Well, they were as different as the weather,

During all seasons.

She was never called beautiful,

Never given a compliment.

The eyes of those who passed by,

Never saw the goodness within.

We live in a world,

That adorns outer beauty.

Beauty seen through the eyes,

Only later leads to acknowledgement,

Of what’s inside.

When she spoke,

No one listened.

When she didn’t,

No one cared.

When she smiled,

She was ridiculed.

When she didn’t,

She was seen to be cruel.

A rollercoaster of emotions,

She felt inside.

Why the world had put her,

On this ride.

She figured it out.

A spectrum of sentiments,

Would do her no good.

So she cast it all away,

Like the innocence of childhood.

She never felt welcomed,

Always isolated by walls of her room,

The last vestiges of confidence,

Slipping away.

Those years of her life,

She never could get back.

The assault her mind did,

Onto that beautiful soul,

Could not be undone with just a few soothing syllables.

For what’s broken cannot be glued back together,

What’s hurt, cannot be forgotten.

What’s once told, cannot be unsaid,

If once gone,

Cannot be reborn.

In a world of Apple,

She felt like an Android.

In a world of texts and messages,

She still adored letters.

But this side of her never manifested.

She understood,

It would never be appreciated.

For who would want her to be their better half,

When she herself never felt whole.

Did you like the poem??? I posted this poem of mine cause I hadn’t posted a poem since eternity.

What is your opinion on this poem? The comments section is all yours!!!



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