What the Heck is a Dream???

Hi friends, fellows and my dear haters.

I just got a bit too busy so this post took some time but I promise to be regular in future.

So, today we are gonna talk about the thing that gives a meaning to your life. Yes, your dream. It gives you your calling, and your goal. All the nations and people who rose to greatness did this as their first activity, they dared to dream.

“If you succeed in life then only 1% of the credit goes to inspiration and the rest goes to perspiration.”

– Sir Isaac Newton

The dreams I am talking about are not those Sheikh Chilli”s dreams who goes on making castles in the air throughout his life. But I am talking about every person’s dreams. It can be my dream, your dream, or somebody else’s dream. It can be about owning a car, getting your book published, getting rid of your spectacles or even having a better garden than your neighbour’s.

In India, we have this proverb which goes like, “You should think about the length of your blanket before spreading your feet.” In my opinion, you can’t think of getting a new blanket till your feet feels cold. Yes, you need a motivation to do anything in life. And you if still don’t get it then think of this guy.


The great visionary Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said this which simply sums up my point of view on this topic.

” A dream is not what you see while sleeping but a dream is what doesn’t let you sleep.”

Well, if you have topics for me to write about, then fell feel free to mail me.

Thanks for reading. Next post will be out soon.




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